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Naked Fairy Apothecary
Providing: I design and create synergistic crystal and stone jewelry for specific conditions or effects, orgonite pyramids and unique orgonite jewelry, scalar units and frequency amplifiers of many varieties, and occasional artwork on canvas. Custom orders available. shungite jewelry and soap, protection necklaces, and much more!!
     Telegram: @NakedFairy
Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States and Web Based
Shipping: I ship per regular post rate
Payments: direct cash transfer, bitcoin, silver, or trade
Category: Jewelry and Gems/ Spiritual Services Services / Body Care

Nature's Hair Claws
Providing: Handcrafted, solar powered Wood & Antler Hair Art
Location: Web Based and Idaho, United States
Payments: All common coins accepted (xmr is preferred)
Category: Clothes, Apparel and Accessories / Art

Nicky Hind
Providing: Music composition and production services. Accomplished composer. Comfortable with wide ranging styles/genres. Proficient with modern audio production tools/techniques. Can create original music for your production, tailored to your needs and budget. For recent samples of my work, please check links on my website.
Contact:, Email
Location: Web Based
Payments: crypto (BTC, XMR)
Category: Music and Performance


Pearson Electrical Constructors
Providing: Electrical Construction for Residential and Agriculture, Licensed and Experienced Professionals. Free Estimates
Contact: Phone: (701) 590-9187 or Email:
Location: Montana, United States
Payments: Bitcoin, silver, gold, copper, collectors coins, cash, money order
Category: Construction and Demolition

Providing: Life coaching on relationships via zoom or phone in 1 hr. sessions (I offer a free 1 hour consultation)
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Photo Management Software
Providing: various desktop, open source, cross-platform applications: Mappero Geotagger is a photo geotagging application; PhotoTeleport is a tool to upload photos to different services at once; Imaginario is a photo manager application.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: digital goods, no shipping required.
Payments: cash, barter
Category: Software

Pics n Flix Photography
Providing: I will professionally edit your photos!
Location: Web Based
Payments: silver, gold, cash
Category: Art / Photography and Photo Services

Pioneer Priestess
Providing: True Sidereal Astrology Readings accurately aligned with the visible sky; specializing in life path readings and aiding parents in guiding their young children toward maximizing their potential.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and pre-negotiated gift cards
Category: Astrology and Readings

Pirates Without Borders
Providing: Letters of Marque, Reprisal, Dr. Barber and Captain Kid
Location: Web Based
Payments: BCH and BTC links for Donations in the left sidebar HERE
Category: Books and Publications

Porcupine Freedom Festival - PorcFest
Agorist Market Included
A multi-day celebration of liberty
Location: Lancaster, New Hampshire, United States
Payments: Crypto for registration.
Pay the campground owner separately to camp
Category: Directories and Markets For Agorists

Polar Compass Consulting
Providing: Consultations/Guidance with Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Herbal Tea. Tea recommendations will be made using Medical Medium information.
Contact: Chloe Salle at
Location: Web Based and Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Shipping: Local pickup or shipping within the USA available.
Payments: Cash, money order, barter/trade, precious metals
Category: Astrology and Readings ? Food and Drink

Polygonz 3D
Providing: Graphic design, Audio and Video production/post production, UX/UI
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free shipping
Payments: cash, money order
Category: Art, Music and Performance, Video Services

PPM Silver
Providing: High Silver Content Personal Care Products, including: real colloidal silver, cream, balms and nail polish which we manufacture.
     IPFS Mirror is HERE
Location: Salina, Oklahoma, United States and Web Based
Shipping: Free within 48 US states
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash. money order, cashiers check
Category: Body Care

Precision Blasting, LLC
Providing: Rock and Boulder Demolition. Also trenching and excavation in rocky soils. Large Stumps too.
Location: (IDAHO) Lemhi, Custer, Clark, Valley and SE Idaho Counties,
Idaho, USA.
     (Montana) Ravalli and Beaverhead Counties, Montana, USA.
     (Wyoming) Park, Lincoln, and Teton, Counties, Wyoming, USA.
Shipping: On site service. Free estimates. No shipping.
Payments: Monero or cash
Category: Construction and Demolition

The Primitive Fox
Providing: Virtual Design Construction, 3D Modeling and General CAD services. Specializing in alternative construction methods and project planning there is no project too big or small. Be sure to browse all of the services provided on the website and when you're ready, get yourself a free quote!
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Any made-to-order products will be shipped from Maryland, United States
Payments: Current cryptocurrencies accepted are BTC, ETH and ARRR, with more options being added regularly. Precious metals and other barter available (and encouraged) upon request. Cash, while not preferred, can be accepted.
Category: Construction and Demolition / Fabrication and Modeling

Privacy Consulting/Guide
Providing: Personal privacy advice to help you:
     - identify your privacy needs
     - formulate strategies to meet your privacy needs
     - evaluate privacy tools and technologies - apps, platforms, etc.
     - setup your devices for privacy
     - maintain your privacy
Location: Web Based, United States
Payments: Monero, cash, money order, precious metals, whatever agreed
Category: Information Technology Services / Teaching and Tutoring

Privacy Hats / Red Basket Crafts
Providing: Hand knitted, privacy themed hats
Location: Web Based / US
Shipping: shipping to continental US is included into prices
Payments: crypto (XMR, ARRR, DERO)
Category: Clothes, Apparel and Accessories

Providing: Degoogled smartphones running a fork of LineageOS to provide maximum disinformation capabilities to third-party providers. /e/ and GrapheneOS flashing services available on request.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: USA, CA, UK, EU - please contact for other shipping zones
Payments: BTC, BCH, BSV, DASH via AnyPay - precious metals, money order, or other altcoins on request
Category: Electronics / Information Technology Services

Props and Prototypes, a full time hobbyist
Providing: Fabrication as well as 3D design and modeling, I can offer drafting and as-built drawings but also work hands-on in many mediums utilizing everything from hand tools to 3D printers and computer controlled (CNC) machines of various types in the development of your product. I have broad experience in movie props, sets, costumes, theme park and retail environments. If your looking to create a custom or unique product and don't know where to start or maybe your ready for production but need skilled labor to get it done, I'd love to help if I can, don't hesitate to reach out.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Shipping from Southern California, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Crafts and Supplies / Art / Fabrication and Modeling

Purse allows users to name their own discount when shopping with crypto for any product on Amazon by matching shoppers with crypto earners
Location: Web based
Payments: BTC or BCH
Category: Directories and Markets For Agorists


Raine Sillito Consulting
Providing: Ayurvedic Family Wellness Consults, Holistic Learning Resources and Coaching. A holistic approach to family wellness and learning, embracing natural rhythms and connections to nature.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Mental Health / Teaching and Tutoring

rancho el encanto
Providing: brand strategy, design, motion graphics and video production
Contact: RanchoElEncanto.crypto
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter
Category: Video Services / Other Digital Goods

Rawb Love
Providing: Conscious Growth Coach. EVERYTHING is about Communication and Relationships, in business (with our clients), with our loved ones and with ourselves. When we focus ourselves from a loving space - We GROW!
Location: Web Based and Portland, Oregon, United States
Payments: Crypto, Gold/Silver, Cash, Barter/Trade
Category: Mental Health

Raydust Studios
Providing: Computer generated imaging. Renderings and computer animation
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash or barter
Category: Art / Video Services

RCA and Data Services
Providing: SQL Queries, Data conversions, Reporting Writing, Business Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Requirements Analysis - 35+ years experience, small jobs are welcome
Contact: Email
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States remote work available
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order
Category: Information Technology Services / Software

Really Clear Magickal Gifts
Providing: mullein candles, aromatic sachets, objects, art
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Shipping from Olympia, Washington, United States
Payments: crypto, cash, money order, barter
Category: Crafts and Supplies

Restore and Empower CCS
Providing: Counseling and mental health consulting services to help on ones journey towards self actualization. I walk with you through your life story to help identify what can be controlled and changed or what needs to be adapted to and reframed. I will both encourage and challenge you towards your greatest potential.
     Telegram @RestoreEmpower
Location: I can meet with clients for sessions in person in the Show Low area of Arizona or via Telegram calls for non-local clients.
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, postal money order, gift cards, barter/trade
Category: Mental Health

Rise over Run Math
Providing: Professional math tutoring and math enrichment courses for individuals and small groups
Location: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States or virtually on zoom
Payments: BTC, ETH, Cash, Zelle
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Rita Quinn Energy Healing
Providing: Emotion Code and Body Code
Contact: Email
     Telegram @ritaquinn
Location: Web Based online video appointments worldwide from Texas, United States
Payments: donation-based: Crypto, silver, cash
Category: Spiritual / Body Care Services

Robo UNTRACKER -Stop contact tracing
The Robo UNTRACKER creates RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Bitcoin
Category: Internet Services

Road to Autonomy e-zine
Providing: A free, online publication focused on all things autonomy - Self-Liberation, Self-Care, and Self-Sustaining
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Agorism Promoting Online Publications / Outdoor and Gardening / Food and Drink / Body Care


Sacred Gifts and Colorado Formulations
Providing: Effective Natural Health Products extensively researched, Handcrafted Alpaca Scarfs, Shawls, and Ponchos.
     Phone 719.931.4131
Location: Web based and Trinidad, Colorado, United States / US
Shipping: Free shipments over $100, ship to US and International on request
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Clothes, Apparel and Accessories

Scotese Crypto Dealership
Providing: Knowledge, Cash, and Crypto. I buy and sell BTC, BCH, Dash, LTC, ETH, XMR, and EOS.
Contact: (951)236-2719 or
Location: Murrieta, California, United States
Shipping: USPS, 1st class or Priority (Express or not).
Payments: Cash and cypto (including BTC Lightning Network)
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

Seacoast Bread Basket
Providing: Sourdough bread and other basket items (preserves, jams, sauces, ect)
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Ships from United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter and other non-bank methods
Category: Food and Drink

Providing: ShofarNexus is focused on being able to communicate clearly, privately, and uncensored.
Location: Web Based from Tennessee, United States
Shipping: Download
Payments: Free
Category: Internet Services / Software

Silver Sage Consulting and Management Solutions
Providing: Business Services, Business start-up services (various business entities including non-profit), Social media management ,Corporate Human Resources expertise, Small Business Strategy
Contact: Gigi Simmons at
    Telegram: @SilverSageConsulting OR
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, Venmo, Zelle
Category: Business Startup Services / Management Services

Smoking Cherub
Providing:Vintage, Antiques, Collectibles, Art and More
Location: Texas, United States; Online Sales
Shipping: Shipping depends on item. United States Shipping will be listed. International Shipping, please contact me.
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, possible barter. Currently all of these payments are being handled manually, so please contact me.
Category: Collectibles and Antiques

Snover Studios
Providing: Editorial cartoon books, book covers cartoons, Tee Shirts and other SWAG.
Contact: Email 
     Book Info on Amazon
Location: 1365 14 Road, Loma, Colorado, United States
Shipping: Usually online. Varies (contact me via email) Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Books and Publications / Art / Clothes, Apparel and Accessories

Snowbird Banjo Company
Providing: Providing custom built banjos, full service musical instrument repair, and other Luthier services.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Shipping is by weight from the Missouri Ozarks
Payments: all forms of payment including crypto and precious metals
Category: Music and Performance

Song Bird Grand Mother
Providing: Spiritual healing, Spiritual Counseling, Ancestral Healing, and Intuitive Sessions
Location: Web based - Sessions are all done through zoom or phone
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, money order
Category: Spiritual Services

Providing: one-on-one crypto set up coaching. I will help set you up with a wallet, an exchange, and show you how to use crypto to make purchases and stay secure.
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

Spirit Sanctum
Providing: Holistic and Handcrafted Products
     Email for non-bank payment
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free shipping on orders at $35 or more inside the USA
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Body Care / Crafts and Supplies

Spiritual Life Coach
Providing: I am a certified Life Coach and certified Reiki Master. I offer a caring and flexible approach to raise your self-esteem with a particular focus on spiritual development As well as communicating with the Universe for you, I will send you powerful healing energy.
Location: Web based - Online Lessons
Payments: Crypto
Category: Spiritual Services

Spot-On Grooming
Providing: Professional Dog Grooming
     Call or text: (208) 323-9095
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
Payments: cash, money order, barter
Category: Pets, Grooming and Supplies

S R Fabrications
Providing: Custom metal fabrication and welding/repair, woodworking, 3d printing
Location: Web-based, located in northeastern Illinois , United States
Shipping: shipping from Manhattan, Illinois, local pickup also available
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter/trade, whatever non-bank method
Category: Fabrication and Modeling

Steady Presence
Providing: The ability to give birth outside the hospital system is more important now than ever. We help new families and women navigate birth through virtual doula and nutrition services. Let us help you avoid the cascade of interventions that lead to poor outcomes in hospitals and nurture this transformation of life.
Location: Web-Based and local to Appleton, WI USA for physical products and events.
Payments: Crypto (ARRR and BTC), cash, skills barter, physical goods barter
Category: Body Care
Providing: T-Shirts, Banners, Stickers and more!
Location: Web Based - Global
Shipping: Mostly the USSA but If you will it, it is no dream.
Payments: All Pirate Currency's and some statist ones too.
Category: Printing / Clothes, Apparel and Accessories

Swatek Root Cause Analysis
Providing: Root cause analysis services to help your team determine a robust solution for your design or system failures. Over 25-years of experience.
Contact: Email
Location: Oklahoma, United States - Will travel for projects
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, money order, barter
Category: Technical Services

Sweets by Snow
Providing: Handmade, high quality, baked goods. Snow only uses ingredients that do not have random additives like MSG, "natural flavorings" or any other magic words Monsanto uses to hide their poisons in every day food, "butter should be butter and nothing more". Choose what your heat desires, everything from her rich Browned Butter Cookies to her scratch made (starter included) Artisan Sourdough Breads!
Location: Frisco, Texas, United States
Shipping: Possible, please inquire, some goods are better shipped than others of course.
Payments: Crypto (Bitcoin and Monero), Precious Metals, and Fiat if desired.
Category: Food and Drink

Providing: Technology Support, Computers, Smart Home, WiFi, Networks
Location: Olympia, Washington, United States
Shipping: Ships from Olympia, Washington, United States
Payments: Crypto, cash, money order, barter
Category: Information Technology Services


Texas Gun Trader
Texas Guns For Sale Classifieds Firearms and Ammo
Location: Texas, USA
Payments: Cash, crypto, trade or whatever buyer and seller agree upon
Category: Market For Agorists

TalkTime Spanish Tutoring
Providing: Reduced cost Spanish lessons for kids aged 2-10 and adult beginners, to give them an edge in an increasingly globalized world.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Ships kids' assessment stickers from Ohio, United States
Payments: Cash, money order, barter, gift cards (major grocery stores)
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Tech Bee Design
Providing: Logo and Graphic design, Web and App development
Location: Web based
Payments: All major Cryptocurrencies accepted, money order
Category: Art, Software, Other Digital Goods

The One Revolution Initiative [TORI]
Providing: TORI is an entire ecosystem of 250+ team members who have specialized in almost every "essential" career sector you can think of. Everything you've researched about the state of humanity is real! We are here to initiate real solutions in real time!
Items offered: Privacy Consultations (how to disappear online and go incognito),
Cryptocurrency Consultations (how to invest and preserve your wealth in crypto),
End of the World Preparation Consultations (how to opt-out of governance, make the transition to intentional community building and become 100% self-reliant),
Information Technology Consultations (website hosting, source code to make your own vpn, learn how to code *python, arduino, raspberry pi*, how to build a privacy earthship),
Other Services (we help people find their tribe, mental health hotline services, and more).
Contact: Please put the category of the item you are requesting in the subject line of the email exactly how it is listed here. Our team gets a lot of emails to this server. Please, this helps us know which person to send your case to. Thank you.
Location: Web Based from United States
Payments: Cryptocurrencies, Silver, Gold, Cash, Money Order, Barter, Gift, And/Or Whatever Non-Bank Method
Category: Other Services / Information Technology / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

Think Penguin
Providing: Products, services, documentation, and support needed for users to confidently utilize free software operating systems.
Location: Keene, New Hampshire, United States
Payments: BitCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, or Zen Cash
Category: Electronics

Tiny Giant Lifestyle
Providing: Offering AirCrete online video courses and Hands on Building School. Both teaching people how to build insulating comfortable off-grid AirCrete or Cellular Cement housing, bug out locations, and cabins for $26 per square foot. Including solar power instruction. Some free online videos.
Location: Web based and Training near Terlingua Ranch Lodge in Texas
Shipping: Streaming video or in person on location training
Payments: Bitcoin on page (contact me for other crypto), silver, gold, cash, money order, barter, labor/internship
Category: Construction and Demolition / Teaching and Tutoring / Agorism Promoting Online Publications

Tommy Von Music
Providing: Live and streaming music performance
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
Payments: cash, money order
Category: Music and Performance

Towards Liberty Agora
Providing: The Agora Towards Liberty is a gathering place for peers to foster a holistic understanding of Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, operational security, and applied freedom strategies with tailor made education for your individual curiosity. Using the ancient Socratic method of truth discovery through reasoning and gathering with peers to discuss in depth any topic worth understanding.
Location: Web Based, Cyberspace and Second Realms
Shipping: None
Payments: Bitcoin [on-chain and lightning network]
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

TRANGSLATION to/from Vietnamese-English-Spanish
Providing: Professional translation and interpretation service in any field, especially cryptocurrency. Also, teach language classes, I have 5 years of experience in teaching.
Contact: Email
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free
Payments: Barter, cash, or whatever we may agree on.
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Translating

Translations to/from Italian, English, Danish
Providing: I am fluent in English, Danish and Italian (native) and can offer translations and assistance/teaching/conversations.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free
Payments: Crypto, barter, cash, whatever we may agree on
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Translating

Tribeca Functional Nutrition
Providing: Nutrition services (for maintenance of great health, for those looking for quality supplements, and for those with chronic conditions looking to regain great health)
Location: Web based
Shipping: Free with minimum order
Payments: Select cryptos accepted (BTC, ETH, some DeFi coins, etc.), cash accepted, precious metals may be considered
Category: Body Care

Truth Smacks
Providing: Trail mix with awesome Truth quotes on the back! Two varieties: original and peppermint-infused (the first EVER!) Made with raw walnuts, raw pecans, raw cashews, raw pumpkin seeds, raisins, chopped dates, and organic dark chocolate chips. Comes in 2 sizes: 10 oz. or 16 oz., and soon, 3.5 oz bags
     Email Suzanne at
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Ships from Naples, Florida, United States
Payments: Crypto (Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Pirate Chain), CashApp: $SBorho
Category: Food and Drink


Ubatuda Math and Physics tutoring
Providing: Online tutoring for Math and Physics at any level from high school through college, including preparation for AP, SAT, ACT, GRE and MCAT. Gain valuable skills from Aaron, an MIT alum which has been tutoring and teaching math and physics for over 10 years! Online tutoring over video chat with online whiteboard.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method we can arrange
Category: Internet Services, Teaching & Tutoring, Clerical

ULY128 House of CryptoArt
Design and Illustration services. Fine Art, Custom NFTs, and Prints also available.
Contact: and
Location: Web based
Payments: BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, XMR
Category: Art / Printing / Other Digital Goods

Unschool of One
Providing: Teacher seeks Student. Must have fervent desire to save the world; Apply by email ( History is a lie agreed upon, Science is blinded by observing only matter, Religion blinds its pupils by separating the spirit from the realm of matter, Law has become an ever-changing entity which is no longer Natural, and the Music remains frozen in the ruins of forgotten Architecture. Young or Old, applicants may attain friendly access to both my knowledge as a Theosopher and my skills as a Teacher. One to find roots within truth and One to grow fruits directly out of the pupil in service of the whole. There will be no passing or failing, only the potential of good discussion and the fruits of a free individual's labor.
Contact: Email
Location: Nevada, California, United States or Web Based
Payments: Barter and Gift
Category: Teaching and Tutoring

Urban Defense Academy
Providing: Firearms training, armed and un-armed self defense training, private lessons or groups
Location: Liberty Hill, Texas, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, other trade items agreed by both parties
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Weapons and Ammo


Providing: Sound design, music composition, writing and translation.
Author of several books and albums.
     -Languages I translate from into English: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Italian, French
     -Languages I can translate to: Spanish, Galician)
Contact: and samples
Location: Web Based
Shipping: “Shipping” for most products can be done online.
Payments: Crypto (BCH), barter
Category: Art, Music and performance, Translating


Web Design Space
Providing: Web Design and Traffic Generation Services
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Internet Services

What About The Roads
Providing: Donation-based news and analysis as well as a weekly newsletter with the latest from us, good news, and further reading and resources.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, precious metals, cash, gifts, barter, etc. Please contact for addresses.
Category: Agorism Promoting Online Publications

Whitaker’s Natural Market
Providing: Family owned Health Food Store providing Supplements, Practitioner Grade Supplements, Essential Oils, Health and Beauty, Organic Foods, and much more! Owner, Dr Jocelin, is a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy along with 7 more degrees/certifications, works with patients with all kinds of health issues from digestive, thyroid, adrenal to toxic mold syndrome, Lyme’s, and more, has her own line of Practitioner Grade Essential Oils, and offers BioEnergetic Testing.
     Phone 567-772-1064
Location: Bellville, Ohio, United States. Also, Web Based.
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders of $35 or more.
Payments: Cash, Silver, Money Order, Payment through website.
Category: Food and Drink / Body Care

Wolfpack Cooperative
Providing: IT and Software Development services, including:
     Game development (Unity Engine)
     Web app/website development
     Desktop applications
     Sql server databases and database management systems
Contact: Telegram
Location: Web Based
Payments: BTC, ETH and other crypto
Category: Information Technology Services, Software


YOUnique Nature Wellness
Providing: Nutrition and lifestyle consultations with Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition and Astrology
Location: Web Based and Sonoma County, CA United States
Payments: Cash, Gold/Silver, Barter
Category: Astrology and Readings / Body Care