CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

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Cryptosatva's Trading Room Slack Channel
Providing: Where experienced and newbies can learn about cryptocurrencies. A very basic entry level program for new people called Zoom Out that is in 2 parts. Also, the opportunity to participate in the room for free for experienced people or those who have time and can learn. If you can make NFTs, enjoy Geopolitics, are adept at DEFI, can bring in new people or can teach new people simple stuff like wallet usage then we can likely work out a free position or even a paid position for you.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

Curio Bullion
Providing: Hand poured .999 fine silver bullion
Location: Web Based
Payments: cash, money order, barter
Category: Art / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

Maine Bitcoin LLC
Providing: buy and sell Bitcoin Ethereum Monero & technical education involving these. At this time we are 100% cash only and unbanked. We have KYC free options to buy sell or learn.
Location: Maine, United States - See website for several locations
Shipping: when selling BTC shipping to the lower 48 states is available when requesting money orders.
Payments: Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

Scotese Crypto Dealership
Providing: Knowledge, Cash, and Crypto. I buy and sell BTC, BCH, Dash, LTC, ETH, XMR, and EOS.
Contact: (951)236-2719 or
Location: Murrieta, California, United States
Shipping: USPS, 1st class or Priority (Express or not).
Payments: Cash and cypto (including BTC Lightning Network)
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals

Providing: one-on-one crypto set up coaching. I will help set you up with a wallet, an exchange, and show you how to use crypto to make purchases and stay secure.
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto
Category: CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

The One Revolution Initiative [TORI]
Providing: TORI is an entire ecosystem of 250+ team members who have specialized in almost every "essential" career sector you can think of. Everything you've researched about the state of humanity is real! We are here to initiate real solutions in real time!
Items offered: Privacy Consultations (how to disappear online and go incognito),
Cryptocurrency Consultations (how to invest and preserve your wealth in crypto),
End of the World Preparation Consultations (how to opt-out of governance, make the transition to intentional community building and become 100% self-reliant),
Information Technology Consultations (website hosting, source code to make your own vpn, learn how to code *python, arduino, raspberry pi*, how to build a privacy earthship),
Other Services (we help people find their tribe, mental health hotline services, and more).
Contact: Please put the category of the item you are requesting in the subject line of the email exactly how it is listed here. Our team gets a lot of emails to this server. Please, this helps us know which person to send your case to. Thank you.
Location: Web Based from United States
Payments: Cryptocurrencies, Silver, Gold, Cash, Money Order, Barter, Gift, And/Or Whatever Non-Bank Method
Category: Other Services / Information Technology / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

Towards Liberty Agora
Providing: The Agora Towards Liberty is a gathering place for peers to foster a holistic understanding of Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, operational security, and applied freedom strategies with tailor made education for your individual curiosity. Using the ancient Socratic method of truth discovery through reasoning and gathering with peers to discuss in depth any topic worth understanding.
Location: Web Based, Cyberspace and Second Realms
Shipping: None
Payments: Bitcoin [on-chain and lightning network]
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals