Spiritual Services

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Auragraphs, Natural Law Oracle Readings and Talismans
Providing: I scry a drawing for you - I am clairvoyant through my artwork - it is a personal unique one-of-a-kind drawing with reading about "where you are at" in the context of Natural Law. I also do a Natural Law Oracle reading - to focus the Auragraph - I made the deck myself. In addition, I make a talisman based on the reading to help you move forward. All these services are available separately or as a package and can be upgraded into a painting.
Contact: IntuitiveArt.net/
     Email joanna.whitney@zoho.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Included in the price of the physical artwork
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Art / Spiritual Services

Blooming Freedom
Providing: I am a Flower Essence and Theta Healing Practitioner supporting people on their healing and awakening journey to clear old patterns, programs, and imprints that are keeping them stuck so they can confidently and more ease-fully anchor and integrate higher frequencies and desired states of being into their daily life and physical body.
Contact: Email shiftwithjessicaash@gmail.com
     Telegram jessash
Location: Web Based virtually or in person in Sonoma County, California, United States
Payments: Cash, crypto, silver, and other forms of exchange are accepted
Category: Spiritual Services Services

The Divine is Within Holistic Health Coaching
Providing: Holistic guidance to support deep healing physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Specialities include addressing chronic illness and emotional and spiritual imbalances.
Contact: TheDivineisWithin.com
     Email thedivineiswithin@gmail.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, donation, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Spiritual Services Services / Body Care

Empowered Empath Solutions
Providing: Self-development coaching
Contact: EmpoweredEmpathSolutions.com
     Email contact@EmpoweredEmpathSolutions.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method (email me)
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Spiritual Services Services

FootsmArts Reflexology
Providing: Reflexology therapy (Integrated — foot, hand, and ear). Some Acupressure. Despina Tsiknas-Arzouman has practiced Reflexology as an integral part of her personal health and fitness program since 1978. Despina earned her Certification from The American Academy of Reflexology in January, 2002; she is a Professional Member of the Reflexology Association of California for 20 years; and obtained a Certification in the Art of ACUPRESSURE in 2016 through the Acupressure Institute (in Berkeley, California)
Contact: Footsmarts-Reflexology.com
     Email despina12@verizon.net —or—
     Phone: (626) 355-3414 // Cell: (626) 242-4785
     By Appointment Only
Location: Sierra Madre, California, United States
Payments: Cash, money order, current silver exchange.
Category: Body Care / Spiritual Services Services

Judi Vitale, Empowerment Coach
Providing: Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Coaching
Contact: EmpowermentCoachJudi.com
     Email EmpowermentCoachJudi@icloud.com
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto, barter
Category: Astrology and Readings / Spiritual Services

Kambo Web of Healing
Providing: Kambo, energy healings, psychic readings
Contact: KamboWebOfHealing.com
     Email KamboWebOfHealing@protonmail.com
     Instagram: @kambowebofhealing
     Phone: (714) 603-5429
Location: Web based, Los Angeles, California, USA
Payments: Cash, Silver, Crypto
Category: Astrology and Readings / Body Care / Spiritual Services

Mercury Mind Astrology
Providing: Western Medical Astrology Chart Readings: an overall health diagnosis with guidance and teachings to give balance and harmony to health complications or concerns. Any Western Astrology inquires are also welcomed. Be it money, relationships, life decisions, what color to wear tomorrow; anything is fair game.
Contact: mercurymind@protonmail.com
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto, barter, healing energy and/or pay it forward
Category: Astrology and Readings, Spiritual Services

Naked Fairy Apothecary
Providing: I design and create synergistic crystal and stone jewelry for specific conditions or effects, orgonite pyramids and unique orgonite jewelry, scalar units and frequency amplifiers of many varieties, and occasional artwork on canvas. Custom orders available. shungite jewelry and soap, protection necklaces, and much more!!
Contact: NakedFairyHealingCrystals.com/
     Telegram: @NakedFairy
Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States and Web Based
Shipping: I ship per regular post rate
Payments: direct cash transfer, bitcoin, silver, or trade
Category: Jewelry and Gems/ Spiritual Services Services / Body Care

Rita Quinn Energy Healing
Providing: Emotion Code and Body Code
Contact: Email ritaquinn@protonmail.com
     Telegram @ritaquinn
Location: Web Based online video appointments worldwide from Texas, United States
Payments: donation-based: Crypto, silver, cash
Category: Spiritual / Body Care Services

Song Bird Grand Mother
Providing: Spiritual healing, Spiritual Counseling, Ancestral Healing, and Intuitive Sessions
Contact: SongBirdGrandMother.com
     Email SongBirdGrandMother@gmail.com
Location: Web based - Sessions are all done through zoom or phone
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, money order
Category: Spiritual Services

Turning Towards Essence
Providing: The 3 areas of my practice include but are not limited to: anxiety issues, relationships issues and spiritual guidance. I am a registered clinical counselor in British Columbia and a national certified counselor in the United States. I conduct 50 minute consultations online.
Contact: TurningTowardsEssence.com
     Email steve@turningtowardsessence.com
Location: Web based and British Columbia, Canada Payments: Cash, crypto, precious metals, barter...
Category: Mental Health / Spiritual Services Services