Technical Services

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Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC
Providing: Technical, engineering and consulting services for your thermoelectric cooling or thermoelectric power generation idea, application or product.
Location: Web Based, located in Novi, Michigan, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Technical Services

Captain V Enterprises
Providing: Pirate Box and Pirate Stick IPFS products and services
     IPFS via: /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dmdr312hi2slkfhc2e4dxbm55inrhdqkr0z8ly51evcyrj8tr1k
Location: Web Based
Shipping: United States only, via USPS
Payments: Crypto, face to face barter
Category: Technical Services / Software / Electronics

Providing: Technical and scientific document services in Spanish or English. High quality environmental document translations (English to/from Spanish). Video editing/subtitling of truthful dissident information into versions for Latin American audiences.
Location: Web Based from Peru
Shipping: Any digital method required
Payments: Any suggested non-bank method that will fit the situation.
Category: Technical Services / Translating / Video Services / Writing and Research

Providing: advising on electromagnetic frequency reduction and other health hazards. I also sell homemade tools for harmonizing environment and electrosmog reduction.
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Shipping: From hometown
Payments: Gold, Silver, cryptocurrency, bank/fiat
Category: Body Care / Technical Services

Swatek Root Cause Analysis
Providing: Root cause analysis services to help your team determine a robust solution for your design or system failures. Over 25-years of experience.
Contact: Email
Location: Oklahoma, United States - Will travel for projects
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, money order, barter
Category: Technical Services