Weapons and Ammo

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Firearms, ammo and accessories marketplace
Contact: ArmsList.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Cash, crypto, trade or whatever buyer and seller agree upon
Category: Market For Agorists, Weapons and Ammo

High Caliber Weapons Detailing
Providing: Virginia's first mobile firearms cleaning service.
Contact: YourCleanGun.com
Location: Northern Virginia, United States
Payments: Silver, Cash, Crypto
Category: Weapons and Ammo

Urban Defense Academy
Providing: Firearms training, armed and un-armed self defense training, private lessons or groups
Contact: UrbanDefenseAcademy.com
     Telegram t.me/UrbanDefenseAcademy
     Email training@urbandefenseacademy.com
Location: Liberty Hill, Texas, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, gold, cash, other trade items agreed by both parties
Category: Teaching and Tutoring / Weapons and Ammo